The Pine Lake Restoration Society chose the Hypolimnetic Withdrawal system as the best way to clean up Pine Lake and bring the lake back to its natural state. So far, this system has been successfully used in various lakes, like in Europe. This is the first attempt in Alberta with this sort of system.

The Hypolimnetic Withdrawal system is a large pipe 5000 feet long and 24 inches in diameter and will withdraw cool, phosphorus-rich water from the bottom of the south basin of the lake.

During runoff events, when the lake level rises, nutrient-rich water from the bottom of the lake is drawn up the pipe and released downstream to wetlands along Ghostpine Creek.
This system will be in operation as long as the lake water is above 889.20m level.

This system was selected by the Pine Lake Restoration Society and is a preferred treatment method for several reasons:

The best chance for success, it’s inexpensive, and has no adverse side effects upon the ecosystem or water levels.