Restoration Society

Mission Statement:

Promote and undertake the restoration of clean water and a healthy fish and wildlife population within Pine Lake and its watershed.

The Pine Lake Restoration Society is committed to monitoring Pine Lake and its Watershed with the intent to sustain the water quality and conserve its natural beauty and recreational use. The goals of the Restoration Society are to:

  1. Monitor and when necessary manage water level and/or slow down or stop the deterioration of the water quality.
  2. Liase with Government and Industry Stakeholders to assist with the governance of activities related to the management of the lake water quality and its recreational use.
  3. Inform and educate the Pine Lake Community and Recreational Stakeholders.

The Pine Lake Restoration Society has a small but dedicated number of members and welcomes new members or individuals, groups or organizations that are willing to assist the society membership either monetarily or through volunteering.

Current Board Members : Coming Soon.