Red Deer River Watershed Alliance Report

Here is a presentation from Marilou Montemayor of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance that was given at our 2009 AGM. It is a summary of the Red Deer Watershed review and the on set of developement of a regional plan. This data for our regional watershed/basin reafirms the issues the PLRS have been working to manage for years. Pine Lake is a recreational lake in the middle of a watershed with high agricultural activity. Our key focus is to manage the nutrients that move towards the lake while still recognizing the value and importance of the farming activity in the region.     


PLRSC Spring 2009 Newsletter


Board members distributed hard copies of the newsletter at campgrounds and door to door through May and June 2009. 


Pipeline Dive Inspection Report


In 2008 the PLRS commisioned a dive inspection and report of the pipeline. After more than 13 years at the bottom of Pine Lake, the pipeline showed no signs of deterioration and is still working exactly as it was intended!

Pine Lake Water Quality:

A post project report was completed by Alberta Environment in 2002 on the impact of the Pine Lake Hypolymnetic Withdrawal System. This is very indepth 102 page document full of valuble information.

At the PLRSC Annual General Meeting in late 2008, Al Sosiak of Alberta Environment provided an update on Pine Lake water quality , remaining issues and suggestions for future projects.  Please take a read through this interesting presentation.  Great progress has been made on overall water quality but we continue to battle seasonally with filamentous algae. 

 Pine Lake Water Level Reports and Charts: 

coming soon

Engineering Report for a Hypolimnetic Withdrawl System for Pine Lake

Click here to downlaod a copy of the original report prepared for the PLRS by AWARE Engineering Ltd in September 1997. This report includes the design and plans for the system, an engineering report for funding and regulatory approvals and provided techinical assistance with the installation of the hypolimnetic withdrawl system currently in use at Pine Lake today!